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Commercial Services

Your business or office is your means of income, which is why it is very important to hire a locksmith you can trust to protect your business or office. Whether you need new locks or are locked out, our locksmiths are the best in the business and will exceed your expectations. Give us a call today to get our always low and up-front pricing!

Commercial Lockouts

Commercial lockout can be one of the most serious events that occur in the day not only for the business, but the locksmith, as well. Commercial lockouts is an entirely different type of emergency because if your doors wont open you can not do business. Most commercial lockouts are a little more difficult due to the fact that typically they will have a high security lock.  That makes it alot more difficult to bypass, but our technicians are capable and suited for the job.  We know how important it is to get your business operations going on time and are ready to respond to your call in a timely manner.

Cabinet Locks

Losing keys to filling cabinets and desk drawers is a pain but Mike Keys can help. We can also repair broken locks to keep your documents safe. Call Us and we will fix or install cabinet and desk drawer locks at your request.


Foreclosures and vacant properties must secure gates, sheds, pools, and storage areas usually for insurance purposes. Just be sure to tell our customer service representative to secure your property with padlocks during your next locksmith service call.

Locks Repair/ Change

Is your lock sticking?  Door frame shifted?  Key spinning? Whatever the problem, we can fix it. We repair all brands of  locksets. Don’t waste your money replacing good locks, its often cheaper and makes more sense to repair your locks. If your lock can not be replaced we can replace hardware as well.

New Lock Installation

Mike Keys Locksmith offers a variety of residential deadbolt door locks. We can supply the locks and install them for you. If you already have the locks and want them  installed professionally give us a call and we will dispatch a locksmith to install your door lock. Weather it requires new holes drilled in a  metal or wood door, we will  remove your old locks and install new ones.

Master Key Systems

Our master key system is just what you need to get your properties in order. A master key system is used to give property managers access to multiple properties with one "master key". Meanwhile tenants keys only access the property they lease. Our system also makes the rekeying process streamlined because we provide tested keys in advance. A Mike Keys Locksmith customer service representative will be happy to set your master key system today.

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